Friday, October 26, 2007

Qutoes from Elise

Elise talking to Jer after a long night of her throwing up...

E: "I spilled on Mommy."

Jeremy and Elise discussing birthdays and ages...

E: "You thirty-two, Daddy."
J: "That's right! You're so smart! How old is mommy?"
E: "Fourty-six!"

While riding in the car...

E: "Oh no, Mommy. I got a booger!"
K: "You do? Where?"
E: "On my finger."

After coming into the room where she was playing...

K: "Whatchya doing, Monkey?"
E: "I not a monkey! The monkeys are monkeys."

Whispering to her stuffed animal while downstairs by herself...

E: "My mommy and daddy can't hear us right now."

While listening to her personalized Veggie Tales CD...

Junior Asparagus: "Elise, do you want to sing with me?"
E: "No thank you, Junior. I'm fine."

While Jer and her were outside talking to our neighbor...

Neighbor: "Hi, Elise! How are you?"
E: (pointing to Jer) "This is my friend, Jeremy."

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I'm back

After a LONG blogging hiatus, I am back. I have so much to update everyone on (including finishing up the "Our Long Trip" series) and so many things coming up to blog about. So, stay tuned for some more regular postings.

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