Thursday, April 13, 2006

TV Addicts Unite!

The other day I was instant messaging with my step-sister-in-law about her blog. She had a really good one going - mostly about TV, but then she got sidetracked with work, getting married, etc., etc and quit posting for about a year. Recently, she began posting again. I told her I was glad to see her back at it. She sounded unsure about whether or not she wanted to keep going with it because she was afraid that people would think she had no life and all she did was watch TV. Because I know her personally, I know that this is not the case and that she just enjoys critiquing TV and pop culture in general (this is what we learned to do at the college we went to). But, to not make her feel like she is alone in this, I wanted to stand along side her. So, here goes, Liz...

Hello, my name is Kim and I am a televisionaholic.

I am coming to terms with this and not afraid to admit it any longer. I love TV and all kinds of shows. I understand I watch too much and am working on that, but I don't think I will ever give it up. My appointment TV includes Survivor, desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, The Amazing Race, Airline, sometimes CSI, The Simpsons, reruns of Beverly Hills, 90210, and since I am being honest here, a few soap operas. So, there you have it. I am a TV junkie and I am not ashamed.

Now I have to go - it's just about time for Guiding Light...

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At 2:32 PM, Blogger msbauer said...

oh kim. i am sooo beyond appointment tv. i have TIVO. that little box records anything you want it to.

currently - my tops:
24, prison break, arrested development (before it was cancellod), lost, the apprentice (and the martha stewart version when it was on), american idol (although it conflicts with lost), america's next top model, house, CSI (but only the original), and law and order(s)

there is also a lower tier:
seinfeld, good eats, best week ever, simpsons, etc.

beat that!

At 2:40 PM, Blogger kkoois said...

oh, liz. we are working on being beyond appointment tv. but, as far as tiers go, here is my lower...

seinfeld, a different world, saved by the bell, dr. phil, friends, csi: miami, king of queens, american idol, house, MD, without a trace, law and order (but only the original), and sometimes deal or no deal.

i'm glad we're related :)

At 2:41 PM, Blogger msbauer said...

ha ha. me too.

At 2:55 PM, Blogger JD said...

1. I love you:)
2. OOOOHHHH NOOOOOO!!! Another blog to read and a new sarcastic soulmate. Hmmm. Thought there was only one Kim for me.
3. Appointment tv? Uh, me too. Although, to your chagrin I gave up my stories - did you tell Jer? Is he proud of me or did he just roll his eyes?
Appointments for me:
M/W/F - Deal...........or No Deal? (Nora loves this show and it is a family friendly prime time show AND I love it AND Dave and I argue about it all the time AND I love it
Monday - Apprentice
Tuesday: American Idol, Boston Legal
Wednesday: American Idol, LOST, soon to be Alias (I'll fit it in)
Thursday: Survivor, The Office, ER, American Inventor (its sooo bad, but I like to see the goofy things people have come up with and make fun of their stupidity)
Friday: Las Vegas
Sunday: Grey's Anatomy

Fortunately for me Tivo has made it so that my appointments are ready for me when I'm ready and I don't have to be there when they're on. Gotta love tivo:)

4. Second Tier: That 70s Show, Seinfeld, Good Eats, E True Hollywood Story.

5. I'm proud of you for going public with your addiction. Wasn't ready to out myself, yet, but you convinced me.

6. Love you:)

At 3:20 PM, Blogger Jen said...

OK, Kim is outing us all! I also have TiVo which is awesome but has the unintended consequence of my girls thinking Clifford is always on!

Tier 1:
24, White Sox games, American Idol, Amazing Race, Supernanny, Nanny 911, Everbody Loves Raymond

Tier 2: Seinfeld, Mad About You, Roseanne, Dr Phil, 90210, Little House on the Prairie, 30 Minute Meals, Paula's Home Cooking, Desparate Housewives

And Lizzie-Poo, msbauer? As in Jack? He's my TV boyfriend. :-)

At 10:14 AM, Blogger msbauer said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 10:43 AM, Blogger msbauer said...

hands off jen!

i claimed him first!

no...i'm serious...

don't mess with me

At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What no "Dog The Bounty Hunter"

At 1:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor young things - you all need to get a life!


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