Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's Official!

I am here to announce that Elise is officially walking! For several weeks now, she has been taking a few steps (I like to call them "limps" since it was more of her dragging her feet forward than lifting them off the ground) here and there, but never walking any real significant distance and always choosing to drop to all fours and crawl where she needed to go. After her cousins came for a visit, she regressed and quit taking those few steps all together. Fast forward a few weeks after they left and she finally got brave enough to start taking those 3 steps again, but still choosing to crawl over the difficult task of walking.

Well, it officially happened Monday afternoon. Elise and I were outside playing with the little girl who lives down the street and is about the same age as Elise (Not really playing, but starring at each other and both pointing and saying "baby.") They were both riding their "bikes" (Elise had a little car that she sits and scoots on and the other little girl had a Barbie Big Wheel). Elise decided she liked the looks of the Barbie Big Wheel and got off her car and walked about 10-12 feet to try to get on the Big Wheel. I couldn't have been more proud! Not only was she walking, but she was trying to steal someone else's toy. What more could a mother ask for?! :)

Yesterday, she walked even more while we were again playing outside, this time to play with the neighbor's dog. And while we were inside, she took a few steps to get to a toy, fell on her bottom, and then stood back up and continued walking until she reached the toy. I tell you all this to show that I have officially declared her walking. It will take a little while for her to be doing it on a regular basis and steadily, but she is on her way! Now, if we can just get her to clean up after herself...

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At 9:03 PM, Blogger Jen said...

Go Elise! Now come teach your lazy cousin. . .

At 10:02 AM, Blogger Josh Leo said...

YAY!!!! I'm so proud! I got a kitten yesterday, but she aready knows how to walk, use the litter box and stick needle-sharp claws into my neck...Let's hope that elise's walking leads to a long life or bi-pedal motion!

At 9:18 PM, Blogger JD said...

Thats it - no more posting about Elise growing older. I already told you that I cried about it the other day. I don't want to hear another word about it. She will be a baby until you come home and that is that. I have spoken and that is how it will be.

Please come home:) I need some Kim time.


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