Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Giving It Up

The season of Lent is upon us. While I don't typically participate in the traditional practices of Lent, I have decided this year to give something up for this period of time. Computer solitaire. This is by no means intended to make light of what Lent means and the practice of it. But, I have been wasting way too much time doing something of no redeeming value. I thought this might be a great time and length of time to consciously give something up that I enjoy but has gotten out of hand. So, as of today, no more solitaire or computer games of any kind. I hope this will help me to be much more productive around the house instead of sitting down to "check my email" and then getting sucked into this game that has a hold on me. One of our favorite phrases around our house is, "Solitaire doesn't play itself." Well, Solitaire, you sure don't play yourself, and I'm afraid you won't get played by me for a while. I will miss you, but I'm sure we will be reunited before you know it and I might actually have a clean house and clean laundry. Until then, stay strong and even though we will be apart, you will not be forgotten.

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At 12:46 PM, Blogger i am not said...

Okay good, so now this means you have time to make yourself a facebook account and get started wasting your time there. Do it. Now.

Facebook does not create itself.

My word verification, btw, is

They must know who you are.


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